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Educational Writing Software

Educational Writing Software for Students inspires students to produce text richer in content and vocabulary. Our writing software is a comprehensive literacy tool, comprising of two uniquely powerful components: one, providing students with subject specific keyword, phrase, starter sentence, hints and ideas lists, the other providing an exclusive and totally flexible method of constructing written projects (small and large). From answering questions to science lab reports, math, history and geography assignments to pieces of fiction, our next generation in online writing software equips students with the tools to achieve their full potential and excel!

Ease of use Educational Writing Software

Our writing software requires no training and offers simple-to-use screens (Educational establishments can be assured that they do not need specialist training for this software!) Everything is securely accessed and saved online, covers ALL core, as well as a majority of elective subjects and fits in perfectly with curriculum teaching. Students of ALL abilities benefit from the extreme flexibility offered within the system to both students and educators.

Our Low Cost Student Accounts suit ALL Pockets; in addition, our unique educational writing software contains NO distracting Advertising!

Welcome to writeXL
Our subject specific keyword, phrase, starter sentence, hints and ideas lists inspire students to produce text richer in content and vocabulary.

writeXL is the next generation in online writing solutions, equipping students with the tools to achieve their full potential and excel!

Let the writing flow!
What will students gain from using writeXL?
Confidence to produce writing richer in detail and vocabulary in all subjects
Tools to aid recollection of detail
Inspiration to produce fresh ideas
Help initiating writing
Quicker recall of an expanded topic-related vocabulary
Tools to help focus on writing
Enhanced note-taking
Sustained application of enhanced writing skills
Creation of well structured documents
Improved grades & confidence, reflecting a TRUE depth of knowledge!
Who will benefit from using the writeXL system?
Students who . . .
  • Want to develop, strengthen and improve their writing skills
  • Get frustrated not being able to recall appropriate vocabulary
  • Want to produce richer explanations, answers, descriptions & reports
  • Need hints/ideas to help recall important details
  • Want to expand writing & show their true level of knowledge
  • Find the process of note-taking difficult
  • Feel they don't fulfill their potential in written work
  • Need a little help initiating writing
Students who need a Boost or Kick-Start and . . .
  • Find it easy to input knowledge, but harder to output in writing
  • Find it easier to talk about rather than write about a subject
  • Struggle to start or complete writing, affecting grades
  • Find it difficult to stay on task
  • Have learning difficulties that affects literacy and writing skills
What writeXL offers to enrich writing
The Writing Support Component displays 'lists' that:
  • Provide comprehensive, Topic Specific Keywords and Phrases
  • Offer Starter Sentences
  • Provide Topic Specific Hints and Ideas
  • Offer a huge and expanding database
  • Suggest sentence 'Extenders'
  • Serve as 'triggers' or suggestions for students during writing
  • Assist with the extraction of information, emotions and new ideas
  • Can be tailored to suit the diverse needs of a class or individual
What writeXL offers to structure writing
The Main Writing Creator caters for writing exercises of all sizes, offering a variety of approaches in which written work can be formed, as well as subject related, guided formats.
Enables students to build writing at a pace to suit them
Subject Specific screen layouts (optional)
Unique Note Taking Feature
Project preferences retained
What Additional Support Features does writeXL include?
  • Science Lab/Report Writing Facility
  • Math Reporting Facility
  • Secure Teacher to Student Link
  • Q & A Revision Exercise Sheets
  • Educational Literacy & Math Guides
  • Letter Writing Facility
  • A Resource Arena
  • Spelling Project Facility
Visit KEY POINTS to view ALL Components
Students' exposure to new and alternate words eventually enhances their vocabulary resulting in writing and speech becoming a more pleasurable and easier process.
What are writeXL Word and Phrase Lists
Our unique lists have the ability to display comprehensive, subject and topic specific keyword, phrase and hint options; stimulating students' thought processes, to produce writing richer in content and vocabulary, demonstrating a deeper understanding of their knowledge. Assistance is provided in the following ways:

Starter Sentences
Help 'Kick-Start' the writing of students who struggle to get started.

Filler Phrases
Partial phrases to aid with sentence formation and recollection of information

Trigger recollection of information and develop vocabulary through repetitious exposure

Encourage and develop more complex and interesting sentences.

Stimulate thoughts, ideas, emotions and extract vital key information

To view more details and examples, please visit 'Key Points'
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Writing Software
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